5 Reasons to open your New Cafe in a Shipping Container

black shipping container pop up cafe

Before you go and rent or buy an existing bricks and mortar cafe or restaurant on the high street, or even convert an existing shop, read this!

We put together 5 good reasons why you should use a converted shipping container instead. They’ve gained in popularity over recent years for many reasons, one of which is they’re just cool. If a converted shipping container is good enough for Starbucks, Costa, Virgin Media and Subway then its good enough for us. They’re cheaper than you might think too! Okay lets get started, here are the 5 top reasons you should use a shipping container to open your new cafe.

mobile shipping container cafe

1) Its mobile

Shipping containers already conform to international standards so moving them around by road is easy. You can even transport them on a train and, obviously, a ship if you like. The design of your cafe or restaurant does affect portability a little bit though so bare that in mind. For example, if you join two 40 ft containers together side-by-side then make sure they separate easily for transportation. Also try not to cut too much out of the container, this will help maintain its strength, and believe me they are strong and built to last. However if don’t plan to move your new cafe again once its on-site you don’t need to worry, let your creative juices flow.

cheap shipping container cafe

2) Its cheap

A second-hand shipping container will set you back about £1,500 depending on size and condition. Erecting a more traditional structure will require foundations, building materials and planing regulations. All these quickly mount up and increase your building costs, which is what makes traditional buildings so expensive — not to mention the labour costs. Have you tried to hire a tradesman or builder recently? They’re difficult to find and expensive to employ. With a shipping container conversion you don’t have all those problems. You also get tax relief as certain builds can be classed as equipment required to run your business.

quick build shipping container cafe

3) Its quick

Despite what you might think, converting a used shipping container into a cafe, restaurant or bar is surprisingly easy. Its even easier if you hire someone like us to do everything for you. To start with decide how much space you’re going to need then buy the container/s. They come in two basic formats, 20′ and 40′. Now for the fun bit, design your new cafe. Put windows, doors, lights and everything else exactly where you want them and in whatever size you want them. After a splash of paint and fitting the fixtures, transport your new eatery to its new home. Then connect everything up, install the furniture and open for business. All this can be done in a matter of days!

trendy shipping container cafe

4) Its unique

Stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. Getting people through the door is the hardest part. Once they’re sat down you can wow them with your amazing food, in your uber cool pop-up eatery. Because pop-up bars, cafes and restaurants are very ‘en vogue’ at the moment. If you don’t believe us just take a look at some of these examples. Whether you’re opening up a slick city centre restaurant, a road-side-caf or something in between, you’re guaranteed to pull in the punters with an innovative reconfigured shipping container design.

eco friendly shipping container cafe

5) Its eco-friendly

Lets face it, recycling things, especially big things, is environmentally friendly and that’s what people like to see these days. Yes there are still a few flat Earth dinosaurs who think we should burn fossil fuels until they run out and throw everything away, but the rational thinking majority of people want to be kinder to the environment. Out of the 17 million shipping containers built to date only about 6 million of those are actually in use. That leaves a lot of spare building material just waiting to be reborn and turned into a shiny brand new cafe, restaurant, bar or in fact anything you can imagine.

So there you have it, five great reasons to recycle a shipping container and build your new cafe or restaurant. If you need any more convincing check out our blog or give us a call on 01606 272875 today. Alternatively leave a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

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