A Luxury Ski Resort Built Entirely From Shipping Containers

Situated in Gudauri, high in the Georgian Caucasus Mountains and just 2 hours drive (75miles/120km) from Tbilisi, this super swanky boutique hotel is packed with style and chic!

converted shipping containers elevated mountain views
The Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort, a swish state-of-the-art hotel constructed using re-purposed shipping containers.

The Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort is was built using standard ISO 40ft /6m long shipping containers. The aim was to create something unique in the area. Surrounded by traditional Alpine style hotels and guest houses this forward thinking fancy resort is a delightful structure in stunning set in stunning surroundings.

spiral staircase
Spiral staircases with views from every corner of the resort.

Its the first eco-friendly boutique hotel in Georgia. Very little damage was done to the surrounding environment during construction. This is purely and simply because of how the hotel was built. Such environmental credentials is one of the resorts key selling points. Guests however will be pleased to know there isn’t a spec of rust in sight though.

dining area stunning caucasus views
Stylish modern liver areas.

The hotel boasts and swimming pool and sauna. Rooms options include single, family and deluxe suites. Mesmerizing views of the mountains can be enjoyed through floor to ceiling windows or roof terraces with many of the rooms. Guests can ski, snowboard, do yoga, enjoy fine Georgian wine at the bar along with all kinds of other activities. The nearest ski lifts are a five-minute walk.

breakfast dining area stunning views
Described as ‘the first boutique hotel’ in the Caucasus mountains of Georgia.

Key points include:

  • Made out of re-purposed shipping containers.
  • It is 7,200ft/2,200 metres above sea level.
  • Its the first ’boutique hotel’ in the Caucasus mountains.
  • All rooms have panoramic views.
  • Some rooms have terraces.

timber cladded bedrooms extra insulation
Timber cladding insulates the rooms in a modern style.

Each of the containers serve as rooms and run lengthwise, as expected with such a long and narrow space. The containers are elevated on stilts and connected by corridors and walk-ways. This considerably reduces the impact on the local environment.

contemporary shipping container hotel bedroom
Deluxue suites for added luxury.

A spokesperson explained:

The architect Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristavi are the minds behind this extraordinary creation.

The dining areas and some guest rooms have terraces allowing holidaymakers to relax outside.

The hotel is built in a minimalist style and elegantly cascades down the mountainside. The whole philosophy behind the project is to protect the local environment from the harmful effects of buildings and leisure activities. All the materials used in the building process are environmentally friendly and sourced locally.

en suite bath panaoramic views caucasus mountains
Very trendy bath tub with panoramic views of the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia.

shipping container hotel caucasus mountains
Minimal cost to the environment, a hotel built with shipping containers elevated on stilts.

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