Café Bustelo Converted Shipping Container

café bustelo shipping container conversion

A converted Shipping Container is now a Café Bustelo Pop-up Coffee Shop in Montrose, Houston

Café Bustelo have converted a recycled shipping container into an super cool cafe and installed it at a park in the Montrose district of Houston, Texas. The café opened on March 12th and will remain open until May 25th 2019 at 3615 Montrose Boulevard.

The brightly coloured food outlet is coated with the familiar Bustelo yellow and red branding. It boasts an outdoor patio area and roof terrace both complete with bright yellow parasols. On the menu drinks and food will be served in latin style and flavours complete with live music of the same theme.

The 153m² (500ft²) 8ft x 40ft converted shipping container is constructed on two levels. Food and drinks are served inside with dining areas on a patio outside and roof terrace on top, accessed via a stairway on the side. Café Bustelo is poplar with both the latin and wider communities thanks to its exciting Cuban inspired menu. Founded in 1928 in New York it has been serving full bodied coffee for nearly a century now.

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