Clever Compact Kiwi Shipping Container Conversion

Shane Blind of New Zealand recently completed this stunning compact shipping container home and amazingly it doesn’t appear to be built with a container at all!

It’s normally common practice to employ space saving measures in small space designs. Tactics employed would usually things like lift up beds, tables to fold down and storage to be hidden away. However it was important for Shane that this was not the case.

large container house kitchen area
Large fitted kitchen.

Shane started with a 6 meter shipping container to build his new modern home. He affectionately refers to it as a “Pod-Tainer” which is used as a guest-house. That said it could just as easily be used as a full time residence for up to 2 people. Pods were attached to the sides of the shipping container to add extra space.

fitted kitchen shipping container home
Fitted kitchen sink.

The first 1.8m by 1m pop out contains a living area while the opposite side features a spacious bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower. The alcove is an ideal size to relax during the day and is also large enough to double as an additional sleeping space if needed.

dining area red stools beech table
Dining area with amazing views.

The container home also features a fully fitted kitchenette with a portable stove, refrigerator and a microwave. This area also contains the dining table which could easily double up as work space. Finally the bedroom is situated at the back end of the pod. As you can see this is shipping container architecture at it’s best! It cost him just £11k to build.

shipping container bathroom
Fitted compact bathroom.

Shane Blind said :

It’s the cubistic shape of them, they’re so simple and minimalistic. Even before the idea of using them for housing structures became popular I was admiring them from a structural point of view. You have a cool space that’s structurally sound, reasonably cheap to buy and has a good foundation to start your design. The secret I found, especially with a shipping container, is as soon as the weather gets a bit chilly, you have a condensation issue, so the insulation side of things is super important.

bedroom shipping container
Bedroom complete wit double bed.


shipping container home design
Stunning new shipping container home in New Zealand.

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