Common Ground Shopping Centre, built entirely with 200 Shipping Containers

shipping container shopping centre entrance
Common Ground Shopping Centre, Gwangjin District, Seoul City Centre, near Konkuk University.

This is the World’s Biggest Shipping Container Shopping Centre!

A shopping centre built entirely with recycled shipping containers is wowing visitors. Packed with cool shops, trendy bars and fantastic food outlets its drawing in the crowds every day. People are not only visiting for the 70 shops and 16 restaurants/food trucks, they’re coming to marvel at the state-of-the-art architecture.

shipping container restaurants al fresco

If you’re visiting Seoul anytime soon we highly recommend you checkout this shopping centre. If you love modern architecture, great street food, trendy shops and bars, and cool restaurants this place is for you.

The Shipping Container Shopping Centre Consists of:

  • A Terrace Market & Restaurants
  • Street Market Stalls
  • Market Hall Retail Area
  • Ground Floor Market
  • Food Truck Market

shopping centre shipping containers

It was constructed with 200 recycled shipping containers acquired when a local shipyard went into liquidation. Local designers, Urbantainer, then set about creating a 17,380 sqft, four storey stunning piece of architecture. Its relatively mobile too and can be disassembled and relocated quite easily if required. The Containers are painted in a shade of bright blue and is stacked into three and four-story high sections. Once stacked the containers nicely framed the central square which now hosts weekend markets, public performances and exhibitions.

shipping container restaurants al fresco 2

Old shipping containers were cut up and converted into pods at the construction company. They were then assembled on-site which reduced the project development time by five months. Common Ground is part of an experiment to revitalise an old derelict piece of land in Gwangjin District close to Seoul city centre, near the Konkuk University.

four storey shipping container shopping centre

Just like the building itself all the shops and restaurants are unique, privately owned and cannot be found elsewhere. This is another big draw for shoppers always on the lookout for something a bit special. The design concept emphasises the modularity of shipping containers and turns them into an architectural icon.

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