UK Meal delivery Co, Deliveroo puts kitchens in Shipping Containers

Deliveroo, a British meal delivery is putting kitchens in shipping containers as Amazon has stared to move in on its market!

deliveroo chef shipping container interior
A deliveroo chef busy cooking up some food in a converted shipping container.

Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company. It operates in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. You basically place an order using the Deliveroo website and bicycle or motorcycle rider delivers the food orders from restaurants local to you direct to your home or business. Deliveroo has two main revenue streams. It charges the restaurant a commission for every transaction and charges the customer a £2.50 delivery charge, simple!

The company faces stiff competition from the likes of Amazon and Take Eat Easy. Dan Warne is managing director for Deliveroo in the UK and Ireland says they have a few plans up there sleeves to beat the competition. One of these plans involves putting shipping containers in car parks and turning them into kitchens. Each container is designed to help a restaurant process more Deliveroo orders. The company feel this will boost their sales by a considerable amount.

Overall this is great news for us in the container conversions business and we wish Deliveroo the very best of luck with their plans.

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