Modern ISO Container Conversions

Our Modern ISO Container Conversions are gaining in popularity across the United Kingdom and beyond

There are a multitude of locations and environments that are perfectly suited to Modern ISO Container Conversions in Britain today. From exhibitions and shopping centres to schools and industrial sites, the list is endless. That’s why we are seeing such high interest in this format and there are almost no boundaries when it comes to creativity.

modern iso container conversion
Grand Stand and VIP Lounge made from Shipping Containers – Wikipedia.

Modern ISO Container Conversions are a blank canvas for us at MobilBox UK. You can do anything with these structures, they are so versatile and plentiful. Recycling these boxes and giving them a new life as a building is not only good for the environment but it makes perfect economic senses too.

“We are currently getting more and more enquiries everyday from people interested in what we can do with these steel structures. It’s an exciting time to be involved in this industry and so encouraging to hear such positive feedback from our customers.” Says Gary Carlon, MobilBox UK managing director.

modern iso container conversions
Modern ISO Container Conversions in Cholula, Mexico.

Our range starts with single containers and goes as far as our customers needs require. Pop-up shops, cafes and exhibition displays typically use multiple containers. They can be fixed side by side or stacked on different levels. Shipping containers are so robust the possibilities are boundless. With more than 30 million currently in use around the globe there will be an endless source of them for many years to come.

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