New Shipping Container Retail Centre in Texas

An new and exciting retail centre is starting to take shape in the west Texan city of El Paso in the USA, built entirely with recycled shipping containers

el paso shipping container retail centre

This is a bold new direction for the American city. Its the first time shipping containers have been using as a building material for such a development in eastern El Paso. Located on Zaragoza near Pebble Hills its hoped the contemporary new retail centre will attract plenty of shoppers.

As of December 2017 the complex is under construction but it is hoped to be welcoming visitors early in the new year. A number of local and national high profile retails are already thought to be interested in securing spaces at the retail centre.

coffee box el paso
Coffee Box in El Paso, an example of how shipping containers have been used successfully as building material in El Paso.

A number of other units built with shipping containers already exist in El Paso. The most popular so far would be TIME at Montecillo and the Coffee Box in El Paso city centre. The people living in the eastern El Paso are already expressing their pride and interest in the development.

Says Matthew Gutierrez, far East El Paso resident:

I saw what they’re building. I think it looks pretty cool. i’m gonna go, once it’s done.

Anytime Fitness, several shops, a bar and a restaurant will be the first occupants of the units. The complex has been designed by Root Architects in El Paso. This is the same firm responsible for designing TIME at Montecillo, another shipping container development.

Says Eduardo Marquez:

I believe it does a lot for the people of El Paso, especially that live on the East Side instead of having to go all the way across town, so it’s something to build on and I think it would actually bring a lot people to this side.

Says Matthew Gutierrez:

It’s going to bring more business, and more business is going to bring more people, and it’s just going to help expand us even more.

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