@Pizza Drive-thu Shipping Containers

drive-thu shipping containers
@pizza started offering take away drive-thu services during the COVID-19 lockdown and it proved very popular.

Recycled shipping containers to be used to build new drive-thu pizza takeaways in Scotland and England

Pizza chain @Pizza plans to open three new takeaway drive-thu shipping containers. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham will be the first to open. They will be built mostly using recycled shipping containers. And why not we say! The carbon footprint is considerably lower so its kinder to the environment, hats off to @pizza. In our biased opinion, recycled conatiners are the best building material you can choose. Especially for commercial projects. Following lockdown supplies of conventional building materials are growing scarce.

What’s the story

What we know so far is that Colliers International has been hired by @pizza. They’re tasked with finding suitable locations for the takeaways. The chain use high-tech conveyor ovens to cook the pizzas super quickly. The shipping containers will located in car parks. They will take up an area roughly equivalent to six parking spaces, or 22-30 sq metres. We’re sure no one will mind!

Costs for each unit will be approximately £120k. This is much lower than the £650k cost a bricks and mortar outlet. These new drive-thu shipping containers will also be completely mobile. Relocating to a new location within just a few hours will be no problem at all.

Head over to @pizza to checkout their mouth watering menu, lets hope they’ll be coming to a town near you!

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Shipping container options

Here at InBox Projects we offer a range of pre-designed shipping container options that can be produced quickly and delivered ready for use. If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team head over to our contact page or call 01606 272875.

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