Recycled Shipping Containers used to build Farm Shop

shipping container farm shop

A brand new drive-thru farm shop built with recycled shipping containers opens May 2019

Utilising 640 sq ft it will sell fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

The Louisiana farm shop  will be the first of its kind, built entirely of recycled shipping containers. It works out 40% cheaper than using conventional building methods.

Using two converted shipping containers welding is employed to cut and fix the units into one structure. The shop sits is on a concrete foundation. It has sliding glass doors, tiled floors and a roof canopy. Inside there is a baking station and employee bathroom.

Plans to build new shops in with recycled shipping containers are already in place. The company behind the idea aims to have up to 600 new farm shops.

Are you a farmer with a similar idea?

If so get in touch to see what we could build for you. For further information on our products or to receive a quote please contact us via email or telephone at or 01606 272875.

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