Shipping Containers Converted into Cool Café!

cool container conversion cafe london
Battersea Studios, London shipping containers converted into amazing café space.

A pop up café in London with a state of the art design wins the top innovation award at Battersea Studios in London!

Battersea Studio’s is where you will find some very creative businesses. The owners were very keen to maximise the usage of the iconic building at Silverthorne Road, Battersea, London. Local architects Barr Gazetas commissioned an Aldridge-based shipping container company to realise their dream of building this state of the art complex.

All the containers were designed and supplied along with access stairs and the mezzanine platform. The roof, with its letter ‘B’ sign  sits on top of the overall structure. This was also crafted by the engineers in Aldridge. The sign weighs an incredible 1,400 kg. It’s mounted atop the complex and is supported by the containers structure. It was created using thick steel sections which needed to be cut with a  laser. When it was first light up crowds gathered in amazement and commented that it looked like something from a movie.

Other structures made from Corten steel include the Angle of the North and the Cloud Gate in Chicago. Being so resistant to corrosion makes it the perfect material when constructing such buildings. Shipping Containers are made from the same steel which extends their usage for many years. This is another reason why they make such versatile building components.

Read more at Battersea Studios blog.

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