Shipping Containers Converted into Urban Food Machines

dr bronfman promoting shipping containers food growing
DJ Hannah Bronfman (above) is Leigh Ofer’s business partner and co-founder at Seed Street and a keen DJ in her spare time. Picture above courtesy of Green Prophet.

People all over the world are starting to engage food directly by growing it in upcycled shipping containers

This is yet another perfect example of how shipping containers can be reused for the greater good. Urban farming is a growing business producing plants such as watercress and lettuce varieties. This is done in water without soil inside recycled shipping containers. Leigh Ofer partnered up with Dr Hannah Bronfman to kick start a project in NYC which has been embraced by residents of all ages. Their aim was to show people how to grow food in the middle of a city. The project has been a great success.

lettuce cress growing shipping container
Urban farming using shipping container conversions is a growing business across the word.

The benefits of using converted shipping containers is that when insulated they can provide low-cost climate control. This means its possible to grow tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce in the middle of winter. Other benefits include no weeding and no pesticides which make the produce organic. Its now possible to grow up to an acre of food in just one converted shipping container.

To read more about this head over to the Green Prophet and to find out about our container conversions call us on 01606 272875.

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