Shipping Containers used to Build Temporary Pavilion

stacked shipping containers pavilion taiyuan china
A new Pavilion for Eastern Heights Real Estate in Taiyuan, China built entirely of stacked shipping containers.

A developing town in China recently completed a temporary pavilion built entirely of stacked shipping containers painted in bright red and yellow

Taiyuan, a fast growing town in Northern China commissioned Bejjing based architects, People’s Architecture Office to carry out the project. The impressive structure is made up of 12 converted shipping containers, six overlapping yellow units perpendicular to six red containers below.

Six yellow units with roof level outdoor recreation space, cantilevered and overlapping perpendicularly above six red containers with shaded public space at ground level.

These are stacked and shifted in a zigzag plan and cantilevered with roof terraces providing elevated views. This also gives much needed shade to public areas at ground level.

The building has logically been named ‘Container Stack Pavilion’ by the town which was recently connected to Bejjing by a high speed rail-link. The ground level is painted in red, considered a lucky colour in China while the upper level is yellow. The pavilion provides offices and a showroom for Eastern Heights Real Estate, a local property developer.

interior shipping container offices china yellow walls
Interior of the upper level and the stunning views across the town provided by the full height glazed unit cap ends.

The container ends have been capped off with impressive floor-to-ceiling glazing. The point of entrance to the building’s upper level is a cantilevered box. The pavilion above extends out towards the adjacent streets.

Inside a double height central atrium is cut out where both levels of the units overlap. The Pavilion is a temporary structure and can be disassembled and moved to other locations as and when required.

floor to ceiling glazing pavilion taiyuan
The double-height atrium occupies the space where both levels overlap.

architects drawings shipping container building
Architects drawings of the shipping container Pavilion.

Photographs: Courtesy of People’s Architecture Office

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