Starbucks Shipping Containers Drive-Thru

starbucks shipping containers drive thru

Starbucks opened its very first store in Asia Pacific that is made entirely from recycled shipping containers. Its a bold move which has been welcomed by all who care about sustainability. Located in Hualien City, Taiwan on the site of the new soon to be opened Hualien Bay Mall. The area is a famous destination for tourists who come for the Pacific Ocean and mountain views along with the fine local cuisine.

starbucks shipping containers interior taiwan

Designed by Yokohama born Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, it is stacked in an angular, two-story configuration complete with a drive-thru, floor to ceiling windows and inspired by the uneven foliage of coffee trees.

The stacking of the shipping containers created a much taller space and provides natural sunlight throughout the various skylights found throughout the structure

Its the first time Kengo Kuma has used shipping containers in a design. It is intended to bring people together while they enjoy a coffee and views of the nearby mountain range. There is a tribute to the cultural vitality of Hualien, brightly coloured wall mural represent the aboriginal Amis peoples who have a deep heritage in the City.

starbucks shipping containers drive thru

The containers are stacked and connected via glazed walkways and skylights draw natural light into the building. Painted predominately white both inside and out, wooden floors soften the industrial feel usually associated with shipping containers.

Key Information

  • Built using 29 recycled shipping containers
  • Designed by architect Kengo Kuma
  • 3,444 square feet /320-square-metre of space
  • One of over 45 Starbucks container coffee shops
starbucks shipping containers interior taiwan

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