Stunning New Market Stalls made from Shipping Containers

Wolverhampton Market has introduced a series of colourful stalls built out of converted shipping containers!

wolverhamptom market stalls architects impressions

Looking to Shepherd’s Bush and Camden markets for inspection Wolverhampton council have taken a bold step forward with their latest development. In attempt to attract shoppers back to the market they have introduce a series of brightly coloured cabins for market traders. We think they look super funky and we are sure they will help to achieve the councils goals to support the sustainability and enhance the area.

wolverhamptom market stalls architects designs

So far so good, the planning application was well received at the council scrutiny meeting. The plans were also well received by the majority of residents and shoppers alike in Wolverhampton. Affordability, style and flexibility were the key plus points in using converted shipping containers to build the cabins.

multicoloured market stall shipping containers drawings

Market traders were consulted at every step of the planning process. Input from the traders was also sought during the design phase. Following the closure of Wolverhampton’s 50 year old crumbling indoor market the new market was re-launched. which was almost 50 years old.

shipping container market stalls drawings

The shipping container conversion company who carried out the work used MicroSlat’s aluminium slatwall display system for the new cabins. The all-aluminium construction was considered the best option because it was perfect for displaying heavy goods. Market traders were able to choose between containers for retail space, storage or refrigeration.

converted shipping container market stall design visual

Wolverhampton council ordered 16 new purpose-built containers which will increase the total number of stalls to 62. The containers have been installed all around the outside edge of the existing outdoor market. The council also encouraged stall-holders to be creative with their containers. Orange, pink, aqua and other bright colours along with their own logos have really brightened up the market place.

multicoloured market stall converted shipping containers

Councillor Bhupinder Ghakal said:

I think if this is done right, we might attract shoppers from other cities to our market, as well as increasing the number of residents in Wolverhampton who use it.

wolverhamptom shipping container market stalls open
wolverhamptom market stalls made with shipping container
converted shipping container market stall open for business

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