IKEA’s Vegan Shipping Containers

In a continued drive to become carbon neutral, IKEA is using shipping containers to grow food!

ikea shipping container hydroponic farm
Converted recycled shipping container hydroponic farm at IKEA.

Recycled shipping containers are converted into hydroponic farms to grow superfood greens. Greens such as lettuce, watercress, spinach and herbs. The project started in Malmö and Helsingborg, Sweden and will be rolled out across the world.

The 30 square meter containers grow over 3,500 plants on four levels. The plants are harvested for use in the IKEA restaurant. Using shipping containers to grow food has many advantages. The food is fresh and straight to plate.

circular lettuce shipping container
Circular lettuce being harvested from a shipping container outside an IKEA shop.

There are no logistics involved in transporting food to the restaurants, thus lowering carbon emissions. No pesticides are used in the operation, as the containers are enclosed and free from insects.

Nutrients from IKEA food waste are added to water used to grow the plants. Up to 5 tons of food is harvested annually from these converted shipping containers. Visit LiveKindly to read more.

Look at what else IKEA is doing with shipping containers

ikea shipping container interior design
Light tones and shades create a relaxed retreat inside this converted shipping container home.

The increasing trend in using recycled shipping containers to create living spaces continues in the UK and around the world. IKEA have demonstrated how you can create a stylish contemporary home relatively cheaply. And just as importantly to IKEA, using recycled shipping containers is super sustainable. They not only look cool on the outside, they look uber-cool on the inside too.

ikea container living
40ft containers are stacked and arranged to create a centre space.

Its more important then ever before that we take every opportunity to be more and think more about sustainability. Cutting down on meat consumption, driving less, flying less and using more environmentally friendly building materials — like the humble recycled shipping container.

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