Welcome to the Brand New MobilBox Website

We are very pleased to welcome you to our brand new website!

New Website Home Page
Our brand new website, designed using the latest technology to promote our expanding business.

Since late 2014 we have been working hard to overhaul our website. Much of the information had become outdated and we felt it was time to refresh everything, including the design.

old website home page
A screenshot of our old website circa 2012.

Our old website had served us well over the years and provided useful information for our clients. However, we have been gradually expanding our services and diversifying, which meant we had outgrown our old site. We felt it was time to change and move onto something new and more sophisticated.

After making a few enquiries, one of our business associates recommended Rabbitdigital, a design studio in Frodsham. Following a meeting to discuss the project, we handed the website over and waited for the new design concepts.

Three design visuals were created which featured all our new services presented in different styles. After discussing the different styles we opted for this modern, fresh and clean design. It reflects our new business model well and the direction in which we are taking with the company.

Having expanded our range of container products our new website will enable us to promote our services more efficiently. MobilBox is now built with WordPress and features a news blog where we will be posting regular updates. These will include news posts about everything, from the latest technology we are using, to shows and exhibitions we will be attending.

Social media will have a big role to play in promoting our new website which is integrated with the most popular platforms. We will be sharing much of the information we publish over the next 12 months and beyond on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This will give our products and services more exposure, enabling us to outreach new connections and business contacts.

Please keep visiting our news blog to see regular updates about everything we do here at MobilBox. Exciting times are ahead and we hope you enjoy browsing our website as much as we do!

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